Aims Amp Industrial REIT–Gul Way almost ready

If you are a Singapore investor and would like a show that increases investor awareness you can tuned in to Investor Central’s videos at Xin MSN.

I really like the show because the reporter Mark Laudi always asks questions you and I want to ask.

This few weeks they have been in a blitz of Industrial REIT reporting. There are many videos on Sabana REITs.

But the focus of this post is on Aims Amp Industrial REIT.

You can take a look at the video [here]

Mark interviewed the CEO and he discussed a few things:

  1. There was a video in Feb and they were still building this building with a 30 year land lease tenure. Now its ready!
  2. This new building have bigger tenants and will form 20% of portfolio.
  3. The cost of debt will be bumped up from 3.5% to 3.9%. Why do they do that.
  4. Discussion on land tenure rule changes (maximum 30 years)

The unsettling thing is the sponsor recently just sold off a large chunk of stock. Why the actions?

Do tune in to this Investor Central for more great videos. (note I am not affiliated. I just think it is that good haha)

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    • James

      AIMs had a high volume sell down a few days ago, strange…

    • Eric

      Just a question.

      If there is a 4 for 1 rights issue and I only have 3 lots of shares, will I be able to subscribe to the rights issue and get 750 shares, or I wont be eligible for the rights issue?

    • Jeremy

      Wow good interviews…thanks for sharing.

    • Drizzt

      no problem. stay tuned to that webpage haha.