OUE Hospitality Trust IPO

Didn’t notice but apparently OUE is spinning off their 2 Orchard Hotel as a REIT.

You can read the prospectus here.

Like most hospitality REIT, it ends up as a stapled security. But you will notice the attractiveness.

  • Its got 2 Mandarin Hotel which are reasonably well branded hotels
  • Its got a greater than 7% dividend yield

Hospitality REITs work a bit differently from most REITs in that a sizable part of their income depends on revenue earned from the business and as such they are a proxy to the domestic tourism economy.

Even then, they look attractive versus Far East and CDL Hospitality REIT, 2 Hotel REITs listed in Singapore. Those 2 REIT will likely offer only 6% yield at current market price.

It is strange how come SPH, Mapletree this year decide to  list this properties as a REIT with so little assets. All three will list with only 2 assets.

I did not managed to look past all but there could be an explanation for the higher yield.

Both Mandarin hotels are leasehold and they run till 2057.

That is 44 years of land lease only.

Its basically like an industrial REIT with a fluctuating income and at a lower yield.

Whether to go for this IPO or not depends on the receptiveness of the investment public to this kind of segment. It used  to be very popular but given the recent drawdown its hard to say.

Long Term wise This doesn’t appeal as a long term hold. Would rather go for Aims Amp here!

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  • A K

    My vote goes to AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT too! 😉

  • Dividend Warrior

    Me too! ^^

  • Ultimus

    ME 3!!!

  • Wee

    I thinking whether to buy this reit.

  • victor

    What do you think of Amtek? I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks.

  • http://www.productiveorganizer.com/ Kyith

    hi victor, didnt look at that much. i heard it pays good dividends, but its engineering is diversified that it doesnt grip me. perhaps you can interest me why you are interested in it?

  • victor

    Hi Kyith

    I ask amtek, because it pay good div, but will the div be sustainable, I do not know, thus i ask your opinion. It is the business the same as venture? I have venture for many year,

  • klein

    for ipos how can i know where the hardcopy will be distributed

  • http://www.productiveorganizer.com/ Kyith

    it should be distributed in may banks or banks of the underwriters

  • http://www.productiveorganizer.com/ Kyith

    hi victor, i will keep watch this company, unless i do extensive research their business looks very diversified. perhaps you can google and go deep into each segments and read up more on its competitors