About SGX Dividend Stock Tracker


I created my Dividend Stock Tracker in mid 2008 to track dividend stocks.

The objective is to have a way of broadcasting and informing viewers what are the prevailing yields for good dividend stocks in Singapore.

With my Dividend Stock Tracker you can bookmark this page and view what is the current yield of the blue chip stocks, real estate investment trusts, telecom stocks and utilities.

Context of Dividend Stock Tracker

Since i invest in the Singapore stock market, my dividend stock tracker tracks stocks listed on the SGX exchanges.


The currency is predominantly priced in Singapore dollars. However, stocks that are reported in other currency for example Fortune REIT in hong kong dollars the ratios and revenues are recorded in hong kong dollars.

How frequent is the update?

The prices are not real time.

However, the prices are updated at the end of the day at 7-8 pm.

When you invest for yield, you don’t really have to track in real time. Unless the stock price changes in 20% in one day, the yields and the underlying fundamentals don’t change that much

Update of dividend declared

The dividends declared will be updated every quarterly. This is to correspond to quarterly earnings announcements.

Update of profits, balance sheets and cash flows

Profits, balance sheets and cash flow data will be updated annually. This is to correspond to annual full year earnings announcements. Thus, viewers may see sometimes that  earnings and free cash flow yield to be much smaller or bigger than dividend yield. This may be due to a record good year last year which is likely not to be repeated this year.

What are the criterias of the stocks that will get on the Dividend Stock Tracker?

The criterias are not very fix. They are based on my analysis of the industry group and stocks operating environment:

  1. In an industry that are defensive
  2. Business model or economic model generates operating cashflow consistently
  3. Consumer staples and services used even when times are bad
  4. In an industry that are currently or in the future would enjoy a monopoly or oligopoly that have pricing or market advantage over competitors
  5. Due to government regulation they enjoy prolong advantages

How to make use of Dividend Stock Tracker

Daily change in Dividend Yield

Wouldn’t it be good to have a consolidated view of all Singapore dividend stocks, their daily price change, and how their historical dividend yields change due to the price changes?

The main page will show the dividend stocks and their price changes. The dividend and dividend yield columns will display the historical dividend declared and the yield based on current price.

Identify Dividend Paying Periods (Ex Dividend)  and Estimated Amount

A dividend stock’s ex dividend date is important because if you buy it before this date, you are eligible to get the dividend declared recently. Post this date, you are not eligible.

Investors can go to SGX.com > Company Disclosure > Corporate Actions and find the stocks’ dividend history.

At my dividend stock tracker. I will try to do the hardwork by showing the past year’s ex dividend dates. You can then forecast whether you should take notice of the stocks in anticipation of getting in for the dividends.

Alert: The dates and amount is based on historical declaration. Dividends are discretionary and a company can change their dividend policy readily. Use it as a guide not that you will definitely get it.

Simply click on the dividend stock and hold your mouse cursor still. You will see a detail description of the dividend stock.

At the bottom there will be two information, computed dividend and ex dividend dates and its corresponding amount. Some stocks may not distribute uniformly (some quarters are larger than other quarters) so that is why i have a computed dividend to tell users how i come up with my dividend figures.

What are the good industries that enjoy advantage for dividend yields?

I normally group them into 2 groups:

  1. Matured Industry that are likely to have persistent high/moderate dividend yields
  2. Growing Industries that are able to increase their dividend yields from a low yield

As of now i have stocks that are mostly in matured industries. I will build this list and link readers to them.

Telecom Industry

Telcos traditionally belong to a group called utilities as well. When you purchase a phone you also sign a new contract or resign an existing contract and this gives the telcos a recurring revenue stream.

This balances off with the high capital expenditure that comes with advances in technology

To find out more about telcos read my article on a guide to investing in local telcos Singtel,Starhub and MobileOne in 2009 >> A guide to Dividend Investing in Singapore Telecom Stocks

More to come next time….

Some explanation about financial ratios used to assess the health of a dividend stock

Alot of people have asked me about details of the info going into my ratios and calculations. I will be spending some time coming up with why i use them so stay tuned.

Why i use Free Cashflow Yield over EBITDA, Net Profit

Viewers will see typically 3 kinds of yields on the stocks i screen. Earnings yield, Dividend payout Yield and Free Cashflow Yield. What is the difference between the 3 of them? Which one is better for dividend yield stock analysis?

How to value dividend stocks versus other dividend stocks

How do you value a stock with predictable cash flow against another? Here we show you.

Free Cashflow Yield Incorporated into Dividend Stock Tracker

Free Cash Flow for dividend stocks are as important as earnings in telling you if the dividends are sustainable or whether the stock can actually payout more

Focus on earnings payout, good business model dividend income stocks

High dividend yield is not always ideal. What matters more is the sustainability of dividends in the long run.

Total Returns Matter

Do not get blindsided by high dividend yield or capital gains. Total return matters.

Find the Dividend Cash King among Telecom Stocks

In this article, we assess the sustainability of dividends using free cash flow, free cash flow margin and dividend payout of free cash flow.

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