Lillian Too: 2013 is a bull, but 2014 is even better

Many don’t know that Feng Shui lady Lillian Too have some business street cred:

  1. MBA from Harvard University
  2. CEO of Quek Leng Chan’s Malaysia Listed Hong Leong Credit
  3. CEO of Hong Kong Dao Heng Bank ( now in DBS)
  4. Build up Dickson Concepts
  5. Organised a leveraged buyout of Dragon Seed Group

But she is known more for her Feng Shui books.

This is what she said in this week’s the EDge:

The way Too sees it, investors can’t succeed by relying on Feng Shui alone. “To be a successful investor, you must have knowledge of the markets and know when to buy and sell”

“Last year, the Dragon Year, was a transformational one where we saw political upheaval and economic shake-ups across China, Europe and the US,” Too says. “This year, the year of the Water Snake, will be a good year for stock markets. And, the year of the Horse in 2014 will be even better”

Too is bullish on a global recovery, not so much on China.

Wood Element stocks  like pharmacy and plantation to do better.

  • B

    How true is her prediction of the past?

  • James

    This week of The Edge looks interesting, going to get a copy.

    Another Feng Shui analyst Lynn Yap predicts property (Earth) stocks will do well.